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Zodiac Sign Necklace Virgo

Zodiac Sign Necklace Virgo

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Guaranteed no color fading
Perfect for everyday wear
100% sterling silver

Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

Savor the heavenly charm of our Sterling Silver Zodiac Sign Necklace, created only by Glite Jewellery. With this elaborately created necklace, you may embrace the mystique of your astrological identity while elevating your personal style.

The necklace has a mesmerizing shining moonstone accent that accentuates your spiritual connection and adds a magical shine to your ensemble. With our Zodiac sign sterling silver necklace, which perfectly combines workmanship and astrology, you may embrace the cosmic energy.


Material: Authentic Sterling Silver (925), color doesn't fade or get your money back for free.
Coating: Platinum-plating
Chain Length:18 inches
Stone: Moonstone and Cubic Zirconia (best grade and highest quality stone)
Weight: 2 grams

  What to expect from this product?
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-rust
  • Perfect for everyday wear

  Jewelry care and maintenance

  • Our exquisite jewelry collections are crafted from premium materials to ensure lasting quality and beauty. To maintain the integrity of your cherished pieces, we recommend exercising caution in their care. Avoid exposing the jewelry to water, lotions, perfumes, or any chemicals that may trigger adverse reactions on the product. We emphasize the importance of handling these precious items with the utmost care to preserve their longevity and luster.
 How to charge my zodiac sign necklace's moonstone?
  • Our moonstones emit a light blue color which is called Adularescence. The rippling blue color can be strengthened by charging it from time to time. Yes, your moonstone can be charged too! Make sure to set your necklace and have it exposed during full moon overnight for the stone to recharge its energy.
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