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Zodiac Sign Necklace Pisces

Zodiac Sign Necklace Pisces

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Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

Material: Authentic Sterling Silver (925), color doesn't fade or get your money back for free.

Coating: Platinum-plating

Chain Length:18 inches

Stone: Moonstone and Cubic Zirconia (best grade and highest quality stone)

Weight: 2 grams

How to charge my zodiac sign necklace's moonstone?

  • Our moonstones emit a light blue color which is called Adularescence. The rippling blue color can be strengthened by charging it from time to time. Yes, your moonstone can be charged too! Make sure to set your necklace and have it exposed during full moon overnight for the stone to recharge its energy.
Jewellery Care & Maintenance

  • Our jewelry collections are made of quality materials. However, just like other famous jewelry brands, we suggest in terms of maintenance, please avoid exposing this accessory to water, lotion, perfumes, or any chemicals that can cause a chemical reaction on the product itself. Please handle this accessory with proper care.
Guaranteed Authentic Sterling Silver (92.5% purity)
  • We guarantee that our pieces with a label of Sterling Silver are authentic with 925 silver purity. If in case our 925 pieces are proven to be not authentic by any certified jeweler, the customer is entitled to receive free returns / free refund. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

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