Why sterling silver jewelry is more expensive than brass jewelry?

Why sterling silver jewelry is more expensive than brass jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry craftsmanship, it’s very important to know the base material of the jewelry that you’re planning to buy. This is due to several factors that could affect your expectation out of the jewelry piece that you’re aiming to purchase.

You might have heard about jewelry pieces that are made of brass. This is a very common material being used in most affordable jewelry collections as it’s much cheaper, and can be used along with more precious jewelry materials such as silver and gold.

How is brass any different to sterling silver?

Though brass and sterling silver are both considered an alloy, sterling silver is considered a precious metal that can be lined up together with platinum, gold, and rhodium. Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver plus 7.5% of other alloys to enhance its strength (hence the term 925 sterling silver).

It’s highly valued by its gleam, luster and soft surface and is much better choice for people who are highly sensitive when it comes to wearing certain jewelry. Below are few of the reasons why sterling silver is a good investment despite of its price:

  • 1.Sterling silver is hypoallergenic and is more suitable for sensitive skin

  • 2.Sterling silver jewelry is more expensive than brass

  • 3.Brass jewelry can turn your skin green

  • Sterling silver jewelry durable with proper care

    - Sterling silver jewelry can last a life time with proper care. In fact, there are some jewelry owners who own sterling silver necklaces or sterling silver rings that are still as good as new even after 40 years.
  • -As mentioned before, sterling silver is considered a precious metal that can be forged into a beautiful piece of timeless, sparkling engagement ring or wedding ring. Due to the very minimum metal types present in it such as brass or copper, there is no risk of any skin irritation that might occur.

  • -Sterling silver is considered a precious metal, and holds a good value in the compared market compared to brass. Silver in its purest form has increasing demand yet very little in supply.

  • -Though Brass jewelry is more durable then sterling silver, one of its downside is that it can turn your skin green. This is due to the combination of zinc and copper that reacts differently on other people’s skin. However, there are some manufacturing technology that uses plating (gold, platinum rhodium or even silver) that adds a protection coating to the brass. This helps the jewelry less reactive to the jewelry owner’s skin and gold plated necklaces are more affordable compared to sterling silver..

There’s no doubt why most people choose sterling silver rings or sterling silver necklace when it comes to choosing the right gift for their special someone. It’s precious, and it’s ever-lasting beauty can speak a thousand of stories. When buying an engagement ring in the UAE or a wedding ring for women in the UAE, always make sure to source it from your trusted silver jewelry shop.

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