What is a perfect wedding ring for women and where to buy in Dubai?

What is a perfect wedding ring for women and where to buy in Dubai?

Wedding rings are a symbol of untold, memorable stories that can be worn on a finger of the bride or a woman .This is why it's commonly expensive and most sought after by couple who are ready to tie the knot. But why is it expensive? Why do wedding rings, compared to other jewelry, require a different sophistification?

Because it's a story of a lifetime. Most couples put so much value on wedding rings or engagement rings as they symbolize the story of their love. Within each precious metal that is intricately forged to create a meaningful design holds thousands of stories of each couple.

Aside from the sentimental value of each piece, there are some underlying reasons behind the price tag of each wedding rings or engagement rings out there in the jewelry market. They are as follows:

1. The metals being used in each ring

- Wedding rings or engagement rings are usually crafted from expensive and even rarest jewelry metals there are. The most affordable, common, and timeless metal being used in most wedding and engagement rings are silver metal or 925 silver jewelry. Silver is definitely the most affordable metal that be forged to create a ring that will last a lifetime.

Alternatively, the most expensive options are gold, rhodium, or platinum for those who have really high budget

2. The stones

- Aside from the metal, one factor that can affect the price of each jewelry is the stone being used in each design. The cheapest alternative that most jewelers used some rings are colored glass. However, given its cheap price and affordability, this is relatively less durable compared to other stones.

Most wedding rings or engagement rings usually use zirconia stone or moissanite stone. These stones resemble that of diamonds but are way cheaper in price.

Precious and luxurious wedding rings or engagement rings on the other hand use precious gemstones or diamond stones as a sign of luxury and lifetime durability.

Most people invest in expensive wedding rings or engagement ring for their special someone as they aim to keep it for a lifetime. This is why it's always better to make a checklist of the most important points before buying your chosen wedding ring or any special rings for any special occasion

Materials and craftsmanship equally play an important role in any jewelry's durability. Make sure to do your research ahead of time or only buy your silver jewelry from your trusted online jewelry shop.

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