What is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Where to Shop In UAE?

What is 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Where to Shop In UAE?

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 sterling silver is a high-quality and safe-to-skin variety of silver. As we know, silver has been an authentic choice among designers and wearers worldwide from ancient times to the modern age. Since silver is too soft as a metal to be used in jewelry, an alloy is used to make it easy to bend, and design and this silver is called sterling silver.

If you fancy silver jewelry, you might have noticed a 925 hallmark stamped on the inside of a silver bracelet or ring. The number 925 denotes the amount of silver the jewelry contains.

The stamp identifies itself as genuine and that the piece of jewelry has 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% of metal in 925 sterling silver is mostly copper and sometimes zinc or nickel.

Sterling Silver vs. 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a mixture made of pure silver where 92.5% of other metals, usually copper, are added to make it durable and hard enough to design.

Sterling silver is refined and timeless. One of the most generally used metals to create high-quality jewelry, sterling silver is almost pure silver.

So, this drops you with the question, what is 925 sterling silver?

Sterling silver and 925 sterling silver are exactly the same, except for the names. The stamp of 925 you find in your jewelry piece is used to recognize real sterling silver.



How to Identify Sterling Silver?


The easiest way to identify sterling silver is to look for the stamp. Look out for the hallmark sign denoted by the word “925” or “sterling.” Besides, you may also find silver jewelry marked by “STG,” “STER,” or “SS,” which are all signs of authenticity.

Sterling silver jewelry may also appear as 925, .925, or 92.5. Many countries, including the U.S. and the U.K., do not consider anything less than 92.5% as sterling silver.

That said, there would be times when you might find silver jewelry without a hallmark or sign. In such cases, shop elsewhere. Most of the time, sterling jewelry without hallmarks is low-quality metal, looks cheap, and can irritate the skin.

Always buy your 925 jewelry from your trusted jewelry shop as investing on an imitation results to adverse effects such as skin allergy.

Where to Shop for 925 Sterling Silver in the UAE?

Now that you know how to identify authentic silver, you might want to buy genuine silver jewelry from your trusted shop. To shop for original and best-crafted sterling silver in Dubai, visit Glite Jewelry. From pure silver in Dubai to gold plated jewelry pieces, this place has some of the most exquisite silver collections in UAE you will love to have.

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