How to Care for Silver Necklace in Dubai - Quick Tips and Tricks to Keep Its Luster

How to Care for Silver Necklace in Dubai - Quick Tips and Tricks to Keep Its Luster

Silver is an excellent choice of metal for your necklace, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. While you shop for a silver necklace in the UAE, you must know about its aftercare too. As we know, silver is versatile jewelry material and adds to the elegance and the funk; keeping it in the right condition can double its luster.

Whether you are a silver jewelry fan or just like keeping it up with the trends, silver can go through the lackluster tarnish phase as well. This is why many of us simply avoid the cleaning process of the silver jewelry cleaning process.

But don’t worry; we share some of the quick tips and tricks that will help you clean and store your silver jewelry forever.

Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

While you value your silver jewelry, getting a cleaning cloth for your jewelry is essential. Silver polishing cloth pieces are available, and they’re pretty affordable too.

Soiled silver jewelry looks dull and is prone to tarnishing. It would be best if you rubbed the jewelry gently with the silver polishing cloth to avoid any scratches.

Some of your existing silver jewelry collections might have some stones or pearls set in it. It is best practice to clean your jewelry as per the instruction of the jeweler you bought it from.

Storing Your Silver Jewelry

Tarnishing of the metal starts occurring on the surface of the silver jewelry. To slow down the tarnishing, you should store the silver jewelry and store them away in separate plastic bags.

Air exposure can damage your silver jewelry by tarnishing. Don’t just leave it open on a jewelry chest or in a purse or drawer. You can unclasp or unhook the jewelry to avoid potential scratching. Make sure you do not pile all jewelry on one top of another.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Tarnish of Silver Jewelry

  • Wear it often. It’s fantastic to know that your skin’s natural oils will help keep your silver necklace shiny.
  • Remove when doing chores at home. Cleansers, perspiration, chlorinated water, and rubber will accelerate corrosion and tarnish. The best idea is to remove your silver jewelry before working.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight. Remove your silver jewelry before you go to the pool or beach.
  • Put your jewelry at last. Your makeup, perfumes, cream, or lotion has chemicals that can affect the shine of your silver in Dubai.

When to Take Off Your Silver Jewelry

Here is when you should remove your silver jewelry:

  • When showering or bathing
  • While doing household chores
  • Gardening or household chores
  • When in the gym or playing contact sports
  • Scorching places such as on the beach or pool

Shopping for Silver Necklace in Dubai

If you follow all these steps, you can have lustrous silver jewelry for a long time. Glite Jewelry is your one-stop silver jewelry shop in the UAE for all of your silver jewelry demands, gold plated jewelry, and other accessories. You can also choose vegan lip gloss to go with your favorite piece of jewelry

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