Average price of 925 silver jewelry in Dubai UAE

Average price of 925 silver jewelry in Dubai UAE

Average price of 925 silver jewelry in Dubai UAE

Dubai, or should we say, UAE in general is mostly known for its amazing and relatively affordable gold jewelry. But there are some people who are more confident and financially-capable of owning beautiful pieces of 925 sterling silver jewelry due to its affordability. In a fancy and luxurious city such as Dubai, most people are curious to know what's the average price of 926 silver jewelry in the city?

Several factors affect the silver jewelry prices regardless of the country. A few of the most considered factors that affect its market value are shown below:


1. Current price per gram of silver

The price of silver jewelry can be affected by the current market price of its main material which is silver. Silver is considered a precious material and is mainly imported from other countries such as India, China, and Japan. Each ounce of its raw and unprocessed silver can range up to AED 30-35. This price doesn't include the labor cost, custom duties and other materials needed to produce a beautiful and quality silver jewelry piece.


2. Demand

The law of supply and demand will always be one of the culprits in terms of price fluctuation. When there's a huge demand in the market and the supply is low, that's when the price is expected to skyrocket. On the other hand, if the supply is high and the demand is low, it's during this period when silver jewelry prices shoot down.


3. Brand and quality

Undeniably. the brand and the quality of your silver jewelry in Dubai piece would mostly affect the price of your coveted item. It's known that luxurious brands tend to be 70% more expensive than those who are new to the jewelry market. Years of established brand reputation has allowed them to gain customer trust that most of the time, people are willing to pay way much more for the same quality that they can get for a lesser price.


Silver jewelry is a highly in-demand collection wherever you are around the globe. Only a few trusted jewelry shop offers high-quality and pure silver necklaces and silver rings in Dubai with affordable prices yet with unrivalled quality. Before investing, always make sure that you've created the checklist that will help you easily identify the authenticity of your highly coveted sterling silver in Dubai.

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