5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Gold Plated Jewelry in UAE

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Gold Plated Jewelry in UAE

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Gold Plated Jewelry in UAE


What is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold jewelry can add looks and elegance to any outfit you wear. That said, we know gold jewelry is high-priced. For a budget-friendly option to your jewelry collection, you can choose to wear gold plated jewelry instead.

Gold plated jewelry looks and styles like authentic gold jewelry without a higher price tag. But what exactly is gold plating of jewelry? Gold plating of jewelry is when a thin layer of gold is bonded on a metal base, usually copper, brass, or nickel. It ranges from 10 karat up to 24 karat of gold that's used to coat the base material of the jewelry that's usually brass, alloy or sterling silver.

Gold plating has been a popular trend in the jewelry world and used to mimic expensive pieces. Moreover, if you do not wish to wear jewelry daily, gold plated ornaments are ideal.

Is Gold Plated Real Gold?

Yes, gold plated jewelry has real gold, but because the amount of gold used as a coating is very little, such jewelry doesn’t hold the value of gold. When you talk about gold plating, the main difference is the value of the jewelry and the base material used underneath it.

It is almost difficult to tell apart a gold plated necklace from a solid gold necklace, except for the price tag or, unless, the seller stipulates the material of the jewelry. The pureness of the gold used in the plated items ranges greatly. The lowest purity is usually 10K, and the highest is 24K gold.

The higher the purity of the gold used for plating, the more gold-like it will look. However, not much value is attached to the plated items because it's not a solid gold material.


Why Buying Gold Plated Jewelry is a Good Option?

Plated jewelry can be an excellent addition to your accessories. You can choose any piece to go with your outfit. Besides, they have some added advantages, which include:

  • Gold plated ornaments are stylish yet affordable.
  • It looks like real gold, and an untrained eye cannot tell the difference
  • They are solid and durable
  • The best to follow the latest trend and comes in a variety of designs

When buying gold plated jewelry, or plated jewelry in general, always ask what's the base material of the jewelry. The price of most plated jewelry varies depending on the material of the item. If it's brass or alloy, it tends to be much cheaper considering its market value and quality. On the other hand, gold plated sterling silver jewelry tends to be much more in demand as its silver material holds a market or resell value.

Where to Buy Gold Plated Jewelry in the UAE?

It is always best to shop for your genuine or plated jewelry from a reliable jeweler. Whether you are looking for a gold plated necklace or silver necklace in Dubai, Glite Jewelry is one place you should visit for an exclusive jewelry shopping experience in the UAE. You can also shop for vegan lip gloss here to complete your look.

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